Terms and Conditions

Camo Huts is a registered trademark of Sun Fiberglass Products of Kentucky hereby referred to as manufacturer. The manufacturer produces the one piece composite construction Camo hut for many various applications, the end-user is to accept responsibility for proper handling placement, safety, capacities, and any code compliance necessary for the installation or placement of products. The manufacturer warrants the fabrication of the one-piece composite Camo but for. five years from delivery which excludes any owner installed accessories decking hardware openings for damage from acts of God or misuse by owners or users.

In the event of a claim to the manufacturer for warranty service the owner agrees to return the unit to the Albany Kentucky factory or reimburse company for the travel expenses to the location. In the event the manufacturer offers a replacement unit the delivery and shipping expenses for the replacement unit are not encompassed in any warranty claim. The damaged or replaced unit must be exchanged for the replacement unit and the title to the damaged or replaced unit transferred back to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer accepts absolutely no responsibility for fitness or purpose of the Camo Hut product with respect to the owners use of the product. The owner or end-user accepts the responsibility for fitness of purpose.

The warranty does require timely registration by the end-user to the manufacturer.
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